Deepika Padukone’s bold attempt towards raising awareness about depression requires no introduction. While we at The Health Orange proudly featured her in our list of celebrities who broke the silence on their mental health issues on the occasion of #WorldMentalHealthDay, Deepika went a step further and launched an awareness video through her organisation against depression, Live Love Laugh Foundation.


This moving short film makes a strong appeal to all people against giving up on their near and dear ones when they are upset and going through rough patches. It highlights the importance of being persistent in our efforts to ask “what’s wrong”, without intruding and offending the affected person. In another of her ground breaking efforts to fight the menace of depression, which is mostly not talked about and is sometimes even written off as being too pitiful or attention seeking, Deepika launched India’s first ever public mental health awareness campaign. Whether or not you love her, there’s no denying that Deepika’s initiative can help millions of Indians afflicted with depression.

To tackle India’s greatest mental health problem we need to work together. All it takes to fight depression is for us is to be a bit more sensitive and reach out to people. If they refuse to open up, simply #DobaraPoocho. (#AskAgain). Watch the video and be a part of the movement.

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January 10, 2018

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