If you’ve been struggling to get rid of acne, there’s a good chance that you’ve spent years experimenting with different skin care products and even tried making your own home treatments with a variety of ingredients. Of course, if you landed on this page, your efforts were probably futile and you’re still on the lookout for that magic cure or remedy for pimples that actually works.

In case you haven’t visited a dermatologist yet and started using medicated ointments, here’s one home treatment for pimples that you really should try – aspirin.

Why Aspirin For Pimples?

“Aspirin contains acetylsalicylic acid, which gives you salicylic acid when mixed with water; this is the main ingredient in most pimple treatments that work

The idea of using that all-weather pill for your pimple may seem strange, but what have you got to lose? Besides, the rationale behind using aspirin for pimples is quite sound and stands up to scrutiny.

The most commonly prescribed and effective treatment for pimples involves the application of ointments, creams, or drops containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Aspirin contains acetylsalicylic acid, which may not be the same thing as salicylic acid, but it works almost as well. This is because, when you crush aspirin and mix it with water, you get salicylic acid.

Aspirin is also thought to provide quick relief because of its anti-inflammatory properties. This also helps to reduce the size of pimples and makes them less painful. In addition, the exfoliating effect of aspirin cleans facial pores, giving you a fresh and healthy glow.

How To Use Aspirin For Pimples

“To make your own pimple treatment, mix a crushed aspirin tablet with a few drops of water and a teaspoon of honey

You don’t really need a DIY guide to treat pimples using aspirin. Simply crush a tablet of aspirin and mix it with a few drops of water to get a paste. Add a teaspoon of honey to the solution and you’re good to go. You now have your own homemade salicylic acid paste. Smear it over the affected areas and leave it on to dry for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Make sure to remove the mask gently, using a mild cleanser, as your skin may be a little more sensitive than usual. Also, avoid vigorous rubbing or towel drying; instead, simply dab gently and towel dry.

Aspirin has a drying effect, which can cause mild skin irritation in some people. This is why it’s such a good idea to add honey to the paste. Honey has a moisturizing effect and it also displays strong antibacterial properties.

Our Take

Remember, there is no permanent cure for pimples and to keep the problem at bay, you need to maintain a regular skin care routine involving the use of such products and concoctions. It would also be a good idea to identify triggers that cause acne and pimple outbreaks for you to minimize such problems in the future.

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