With the air reverberating with the chants of “I’m with Her” and “Make America Great Again”, the whole world’s been scrutinizing the American Presidential elections with a keen eye. Trump has a history of raising eyebrows for inappropriate comments, but once again he’s gone too far. His blatant misogyny is horrifying to say the least and it raises a lot of questions. So we, at The Health Orange, decided to inquire into what it is that drives Donald Trump to behave in the way he does! Read on and #GetUnTrumped!


Donald Trump, The Poster Boy For Mansplaining

“Mansplaining is the phenomenon of a man offering unsolicited explanations, without necessarily having any idea about the same”

If Hillary Clinton, as a Presidential candidate, is not spared the encompassing male knowledge (51 times to be precise), than it is hardly a surprise that common women have also been subjected to rounds of mansplaining. Although lately acknowledged, mansplaining has been around for a long time and refers to the phenomenon of a man offering unsolicited explanations, without necessarily having any idea about the same.

Georgetown linguist, Deborah Tannen believes that mansplaining goes beyond sexism; it is actually based on the whole idea of social hierarchy and is rooted in the inherent belief that men usually talk with the aim of determining and achieving status, while women talk to make connections (gossip). A study conducted at Birmingham University and Princeton found that whenever women are outnumbered, they are likely to speak less and in between intervals. Moreover, powerful men speak more, with Donald Trump being a case in point.

Is It Mansplaining Or Small Talk?

“Including women in conversations is not the same as actually listening to what they have to say”

But how to identify when a women is being mansplained as opposed to simply striking a conversation? The tell-tale sign is the interruption whenever a woman is speaking and that too in a condescending and patronizing manner. While Trump might have given a low blow to mansplaining with his dumbsplaining, it’s time that mansplaining is talked about in large circles, preferably without pauses and by taking women’s points into consideration. After all, including women is not the same as actually listening to what they have to say.
What’s the cure to mansplaining you might ask? Well it starts it by considering women to be active participants in a conversation – after all, Hillary Clinton did win the first debate!

Bragging: The Bro-Syndrome

“Men are more likely to brag and exaggerate their skill sets whenever there is a perceived threat to their masculinity”

How many times did we have our smiles wiped off our faces whenever guys around us ‘bragged’ about their sexual conquests or justified sexual jokes and innuendo as locker room talk? Probably more than we would like to count. Perpetuating the idea of joking about sexual conquests is the Presidential candidate, Trump’s belief that he has the right to a woman’s body (insert abusive language) on the grounds that he is a celebrity.
So what drives this behavior of objectifying and dismissing women? The underlying factor is the assumption that women and their bodies are merely objects that exist for the satisfaction of the heterosexual male. A psychologist from Lancester University has found that men are more likely to brag and exaggerate their skill sets. This tends to happen whenever there is a perceived threat to their masculinity. By flexing their muscles symbolically, men like to show that they have command over someone inferior to them and women tend to fall into this category.

While it is not difficult to recognize bragging (it starts with ‘So you know I..’), it is necessary to put it in place. There are many who believe that bragging is a way to impress women or potential employers. But in reality, bragging puts people off and it could end up putting you on the front page news and for all the wrong reasons!

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January 8, 2018

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