Masturbation and hair loss are two subjects that we seem to discuss intently, yet poorly understand. There are so many myths and such a lot of conflicting information, with some sources even linking the two. So, does masturbation really cause hair loss, or was this story concocted by religious folks, who frown upon any pleasurable activity as sinful, using this as a devious ploy to get men to stop masturbating?

While no side effect, real or imagined is likely to stop men from seeking sexual release, we’d like to get to the bottom of this. To understand the link, if any, you first need to understand the truth about hair loss in men.


The Main Cause Of Hair Loss In Men

“Most men suffer from male pattern baldness or hereditary hair loss that involves genetic sensitivity to DHT – this causes hair follicles to miniaturize and suffer a reduced lifespan”

Most men suffer from male pattern baldness or genetic hair loss that occurs as a result of genetic sensitivity to Dihydrotestosterone or DHT, while other factors like certain diseases, drugs, and excessive stress can also exacerbate the problem.

This DHT sensitivity eventually causes hair follicles to simply stop producing hair, resulting in baldness in the region. According to most experts, hair on the temples and mid-anterior scalp shows greater sensitivity to DHT, explaining the pattern of male balding.

A Secondary Cause Of Hair Loss?

“Protein is the basic building block for hair, so severe protein deficiencies can exacerbate the problem”

In addition to DHT-related hair loss, hair loss can also be caused by severe protein deficiencies. According to those who believe that masturbation can cause hair loss, the excess ejaculation of seminal fluid can contribute to protein deficiencies, as the fluid is said to be protein rich. So, could they be right and can excessive masturbation cause hair loss?

The Masturbation Hair Loss Link

“Levels of testosterone needed for DHT conversion rise when you masturbate, but this also lowers average testosterone levels; to put it simply, this means that masturbation cannot be a cause for hair loss”

The idea that masturbation causes hair loss is prevalent because testosterone converts into DHT when you ejaculate. Although this DHT forms in the testicles and prostate, it circulates through the body to also reach the scalp.

However, despite the increase in scalp DHT, this effect is temporary, as testosterone levels only rise at the time of ejaculation and this is offset by a decline in average testosterone levels. This means that masturbation doesn’t cause hair loss – at least not through the route of DHT-related hair loss.

But, can masturbation cause hair loss through protein depletion? In reality, seminal fluid only contains 10% protein. Even if a man were able to masturbate 20 times a day, with 50% of your dry body weight comprising of protein, scientists agree that the idea of a severe protein deficiency caused by masturbation is ludicrous.

Of course, if you’re still worried about male pattern balding and hair loss, you could try using natural solutions like onion juice for hair growth, as some studies have shown that it can restrict hair loss, possibly by nourishing DHT-sensitive hair.

Our Take

Most sexual health experts even agree that masturbation is a healthy form of release that helps de-stress, provides pleasure, and also recharges the sexual organs. This means that if your hair loss is caused by stress rather than DHT-sensitivity, masturbation could actually be part of the solution!

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October 31, 2017

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