What’s not to love about cornflakes? A bowl of crispy flakes and diced fruit in warm milk with a sprinkling of crushed nuts and a drizzle of hot chocolate sauce – sounds like the perfect way to start your day! Besides, it contains corn flakes, milk, fruit, and nuts, so it must be healthy… right? Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!


Count Your Cornflakes Calories Correctly

Most brands of cornflakes boast of a modest calorie count of just 100- 150 calories per serving but if you read the fineprint, you’ll see that the serving size is just 25-40 gms – a measly portion size that wouldn’t even be enough for a child. The average serving size for an adult is about 75 gms of cornflakes, which means that the calorie count for your bowl of cornflakes would be over 250 calories. This is before you add your fruit and nuts, and don’t forget to add in the calories from sugar and chocolate syrup and suddenly you find that your “healthy low calorie” breakfast has well over 350 calories! But the problem is not just with the number of calories in cornflakes, it’s with the type of calories – cornflakes are high in carbs but very low in protein and fats. This means that it is quickly digested and within an hour or two, you’ll be hit with hunger pangs. While some carbs are healthy , it is unwise to start your day with little to no protein and healthy fats.

Can cornflakes cause weight gain?

As you grew up, you learnt to give up a lot of your childhood favourites but you drew the line quite firmly at giving up your morning bowl of Chocos! While any type of cornflakes is a bad breakfast option, kids’ breakfast cornflakes are by far the worst – these have the highest sugar content that appeal to kids (and adults with a sweet tooth) and are a sure shot way to weight gain and obesity. Cornflakes contain natural sugars as well as added sugars; in fact, if you look at the nutrients on your box of cornflakes, you will see that sugar is general the second or third ingredient on the list. “contribute zero nutrients” and they “can lead to extra kilos, or even obesity, thereby reducing heart health.” If you are trying to lose weight or even maintain your body weight, you should get rid your morning bowl of cornflakes!

You can substitute cornflakes for a bowl of unflavored oats or you can have a larger breakfast of eggs and toast along with a fruit smoothie. Broken Wheat Upma with veggies, Bajra Methi Khakhras, jowar porridge, or paneer parathas are some of the best low calorie Indian breakfast foods… your quest to kick your cornflake craze just got so much easier!


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January 11, 2018

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